When we hear the words “wedding planning” we automatically think about research. If a couple declare that they have officially started planning their wedding then you can be sure that they are doing everything in their power to ensure that they are securing the most suitable products and services for a day that deserves nothing short of perfection.

But how does one even begin researching each important service and element? And at what point is a decision made and an agreement made? Furthermore – how is an agreement made?

Friends & Family

Word of mouth is perhaps the most reliable source for any couple who are soon to wed. A testimonial or introduction from a person that you trust is worth it’s weight in gold. They will be able to tell you, from the horses mouth, about the ups, downs and everything in between. They absolutely won’t put you wrong. They may recommend a Wedding DJ who made their day extremely special. Imagine securing that service knowing that the recommendation came from a trusted friend rather than a paid advertising campaign that pointed you in it’s direction. One is steeped in truth while the other is a business contract aimed at advertising a service to you.

Wedding Locations

While you are researching and visiting different wedding ceremony and reception locations you can absolutely look for their opinion and advice about certain vendors and companies. After all, they are dealing with them on a professional level every day of the week. They will be quick to declare any obvious negatives and a testimonial or recommendation will come naturally should they genuinely know a suitable option for you and your big day.

The Internet

This is where the majority of your research will take place. It is also the very first impression we get of a company or vendor. Is their enquiry procedure straight forward? Is there a testimonial section on their website? Did you find the initial email or phone contact with them a positive experience? If little care and consideration was given to their first contact with you then chances are they do not regard communication as something overly important. When planning your wedding communication is of vital importance for you and everyone involved.

Secure That Booking

When you have decided on a vendor you must then secure the booking. These services are usually booked significantly in advance and therefore usually require some kind of deposit to officially secure it for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the next step in the experience. When will you hear from the vendor again? What do they need from you? Do they have any advice for you at this point other than securing the date with them? You want to make sure that the booking experience is a positive and uplifting one rather than one steeped in uncertainty.

It Really Is The Little Things

When all major wedding activities and elements are booked and secured it might be time to plan for the unexpected. One of the most important days of your life is bound to have the odd hiccup or too. For this reason it is advisable to have a little Emergency Survival Kit. Little touches that will make a huge difference to the experience of your guests. This is a day they will remember and refer to for years to come – let’s make it a seamless one.

1. Tool Kit

You might consider a little tool kit for your big day? A little bag that is left with a trusted guest. It might contain spare pins for the corsages, a needle and thread in the event of any clothing disasters and some chalk to neatly clean up any scuff marks that may appear on your all important wedding dress (works a treat and does not damage the dress). A little bag of tools that will give you some extra reassurance in case an issue arises.

2. Toilet Kit

On a day where everyone wants to look and feel their best it might be a nice idea to leave a toilet kit in the male and female bathrooms. Little touches like deodorant, chewing gum, plasters and hair clips will make a big difference to some of your guests that didn’t consider for a second that they might have needed these things throughout the day/night.

3. Special Extras

Have you thought about some extra touches that might brighten up the day of your wonderful guests? Flip Flops for sore feet (the dance floor has been full all night – you’ve made a great choice with your wedding DJ) and maybe luxurious treats like Cigars for the grooms party and a shawl or cardigan for the bridal party. They’ll never forget it.