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Let’s face it, your wedding day is going to be one of the most pivotal experiences of your life. It is a day where all that is important to you in this world unites to celebrate you, your life and the future you hope to create. This is a big deal.

While the hope is that the entire day will be remembered fondly for years to come by every guest, a couple of things tend to take centre stage in people’s memories. “The” Dress, The Food And The Entertainment. When it comes to choosing these things it really does require a deep level of consideration.

Entertainment is the poignant backdrop to your special day. It is the very reason why it’s perfectly acceptable for people who never met before your wedding to spend a solid hour dancing together. Music unites people. Music speaks more than any word possibly could. It speaks to your soul and helps it sing.

When your guests discuss the entertainment at your wedding you want it to be for the right reasons. A great wedding DJ will require very little work from you. It is their profession and their talent to create the ambiance and atmosphere that you want to provide for your guests. Their skill is deciphering the appropriate music and tone for each unique wedding. Their craft is recognising and understanding the kind of music that the guests and wedding party will appreciate.

When choosing the perfect wedding DJ or band for your wedding there are a number of things you can do to make the process easier.

1. Research

Wedding Entertainer

Speak to the DJ or band at a wedding or function you are a guest at. If you love what they are doing then that is a very good indication that they will be able to please your guests equally as well!

2. Time

Prioritise the entertainment booking and remember that great wedding DJs and bands will find themselves booked up for long periods of time. As soon as you’ve made your decision act quickly and confidently to secure them!

3. Ask Questions

You are enquiring about a professional service. Feel confident when asking for references as a great DJ or wedding band will provide them with pride. Do some online research and where possible try to physically see the DJ or band play a couple of times. Remember that every wedding or function is unique. A great DJ or band will alter everything to meet the requirements and dreams of the specific couple. It is NOT a general thing, but rather a very unique experience.

4. Knowledge

Ensure that the DJ or Band have the knowledge and expertise that will make your experience stress-free and enjoyable. You are paying for a service which requires skill, knowledge and confidence. Experience will shine through. Don’t settle for anything less.

5. Confirm And Record

Confirm all times, music preferences and any additional services that you may require from the DJ or band at your wedding. Securely pay the deposit and confirm everything by email so that a paper trail is established and easy to access should any issues arise.

Irelands Best Wedding DJ

A great Wedding DJ or band will live for the compliments that come with happy guests. The “I never danced so much” comments are profoundly important. Their skills and expertise should confidently showcase this throughout the wedding. They thrive on reading the crowd, knowing how to shift a tone or mood and making people smile, laugh, dance and LIVE in the company of the wonderful couple they are celebrating.

As a wedding DJ I naturally take every opportunity to promote my services but I am regularly asked to recommend Wedding Bands. Here are my top five!

1. Perfect Day

2. The Camembert Quarter

3. MixTape

4. Spring Bread

5. The Kaye Twins

Darragh O’Dea is the breakfast show presenter on KFM and has 25 years experience as a wedding DJ.