Getting Married in Ireland and Living Abroad

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So you’re living abroad and coming back to the Emerald Isle for your Wedding Day? There really is no place like home when it comes to the biggest celebration of your relationship and love. To exchange vows and nuptials in the country you love the most is a magical experience.

You might be one of the thousands of Irish people who left the country in search of work opportunities. Or maybe a little holiday soon turned in to a longer holiday when you met that special someone. Whatever the reason, you’ve now found yourself happily engaged and wanting to get married back in Ireland.

For some of you the decision will have been as clear as day. Getting married in Ireland might be a no-brainer if you are both originally from there.

If your partner is not from Ireland then chances are the decision was a lot more complex. But now that everyone is happy and on board you want to make sure that your wedding is all kinds of amazing. Perhaps your partner’s family will travel to your home country to experience an Irish wedding and you want it to completely blow their minds. You also want to achieve it without having a nervous breakdown.

The most important thing about planning a wedding from a different country is communication. You will be doing a great deal of the planning in an online capacity and in many cases it starts with an email enquiry. If a potential vendor replies in a negative way or if the communication has been unreliable then it’s more than likely a sign of things to come. It is incredibly important to choose someone who makes you feel comfortable, confident and reassured.

Reading testimonials or taking recommendations from people you trust is a great place to start.

Meeting a potential vendor is a really good idea too. If you are planning a quick trip home then why not make some time to meet and discuss your plans. You will leave Ireland feeling confident in your choices and the service providers you have secured.

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Getting Married Abroad, Living In Ireland

On the flip side you may be one of the many Irish people who dream about getting married abroad. European Cities and destinations like Ibiza and France are extremely popular among Irish couples for a wedding away from home.

Communication is another really important factor here. Language barriers can pose some difficulties but in 2018 there are some really great platforms and routes that can be taken to give you the wedding of your dreams abroad.

Ensuring that you have secured the perfect venue, food, drinks and clothing are some of the most important decisions to be made. We have the luxury of choice in this day and age and with weddings abroad becoming more and more popular it is becoming increasingly easier to plan a wedding remotely from your computer or phone.

Music is a non-negotiable for many couples who plan to wed abroad. Something that is going to provide the most important backdrop for their big day requires the right person for the job.

There are a myriad of options when it comes to hiring a local DJ or musician in the country that you hope to marry in. It can feel overwhelming and impossible to know where to start.

But what if your music needs are specific to an Irish audience? You’re marrying your soul mate in beautiful surroundings. You are dressed for a beautiful day of sunshine and the local food is the stuff of dreams. But you also happen to want to hear Maniac 2000 and The Green And Red Of Mayo. Your guests have took the time to travel to your wedding abroad. You want to give them something special. You want to share something unforgettable with the special people in your life who have made the effort to attend your big day.

Your Pinterest boards are awash with scenes containing vineyards and picturesque backdrops but your mind cannot imagine a wedding that does not involve joining the entire party for a recreation of River dance.

Have you considered bringing an Irish DJ with you for your big day? Believe it or not this is very normal practice these days. People simply are not willing to cut corners when it comes to their wedding entertainment. They want to be able to put their time and energy in to the aesthetic aspects of the day, confident in the knowledge that someone will provide the perfect musical ambiance for the occasion.

Bringing a trusted Irish Wedding DJ to your wedding abroad is extremely cost effective too. A cheap Ryanair flight and cheep and cheerful hotel can be organized in minutes. It’s cutting out a huge amount of the stress and injecting something really authentic and “Irish” in to your wonderful day.

A great Irish wedding DJ will have done this many times. They’ll have had the pleasure of entertaining thousands of wedding guests over the years in a variety of cities and countries. Their passion is ensuring that your wedding guests experience a day like no other. They take the time to provide a unique and special arrangement of music that will make your wedding day feel like home away from home.


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