How To Have A Budget Wedding That Has It All

These are incredibly trying times. For some businesses, the virus has forced them to make business decisions that they never would have imaged a couple of months ago. As a result of the damage to our economy, many of us are fearful of another recession. A recession will change the way we live our lives, pay tax and trade in a plethora of different industries. It will affect everyone. But what about those who have been planning the happiest day of their lives? Is it possible to have a budget wedding without compromising on happiness? Having a budget wedding could be a lot easier than you might have thought. When we hear the word “budget” some of us are inclined to equate that with ideas of “less than”. It can feel a little bit like a consolation prize.

The first step to having the wedding of your dreams is to move away from that school of thought and remind yourself that a “budget wedding” is simply a wedding that encompasses all of the elements that you would love to see, but for less money than you originally planned on spending. It is a win-win.

How much of your wedding planning has come from ideas that other people have planted in your head? How many services and elements have you decided to include purely because you know other people who did that? Many of us have a preconceived idea that a wedding is not a wedding unless it has a specific list of elements. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you look back on your wedding day the main take-away is how you and your guests felt. It’s time to put the focus back on the important stuff and move away from the superficial. For many people, a wedding day, which should be overflowing with happiness, also leads to the greatest debt of their life. You can have a budget wedding that brings you and your guests incredible fun, entertainment and lifelong memories of celebrating the love you share with your partner.

Have you considered hiring a wedding DJ to look after all the musical elements of your day? Many people organize one singer for the ceremony, another for the in-between parts and then perhaps a band in the evening. When the band finish a DJ may take over. That is 3-4 different services that you are procuring. Services that could be leading to financial stress in the long run. Did you know that a wedding DJ can do all of the above? Imagine dealing with one person who can really create the atmosphere that you have always imagined. Someone who takes the time to get to know you as a couple and who researches and creates the perfect musical backdrop for your very special day.

A wedding DJ makes a huge amount of sense if you are looking to plan an incredible wedding with a smaller budget. There are a number of other different areas that you can save money on when planning a smaller wedding.

Here are 5 tips to help you do that

  1. Choose artificial flowers. Have you seen some of the incredible artificial flower arrangements? They make sense, can be re-used and come with a lot less care and maintenance. This means less work and stress for you before and after the wedding.

  2. Have you considered a buffet-style meal for your big day? People can eat as little or as much as they like meaning it caters for different appetites and age-groups. It also adds a whole new layer of fun. It’s something a bit different and very cost-effective.

  3. E-Invites all the way. Save yourself a few pennies and set up a wedding website or focus on online invitations. It makes sense.

  4. Do yourself a favour and don’t go overboard on the, well, favours. Something as simple as a small scented candle (which can be bought in bulk) is a powerful symbol of your day.

  5. Make your list and check it twice. How many people were on that list out of obligation and pressure? Write a list of the really special people in your life. Those who you see, interact with and couldn’t imagine the day without.

    That’s your list.