Choosing your array of wedding suppliers is a mammoth task. You could secure them all in

a day because someone will always be available, but for one of the most important days of

your life it’s definitely a more considerate affair.

By the time you’ve written a list of the different wedding elements you want you then find yourself scrolling through an endless stream of award-winning suppliers all claiming to be the best in the business.

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So when it comes to securing your wedding suppliers, is award-winning really all that important?

In a lot of cases a wedding supplier may promote themselves as being award-winning. It

will be plastered across their website, in bold letters on their business card and highlighted

in loud colours via that social media add. Award winning = the best at what they do, right?

Well actually that is not the reality at all and this is where a lot of people go wrong.

Tomorrow morning I could create an elusive awards ceremony. I could call it whatever I

would like, get sponsors on board, spot prizes and put my social media skills to the test to

promote the living day-lights out of it. The awards will be given based on the amount of

votes a particular supplier gets. I’ll put a deadline on it, encourage suppliers to share the

details regularly and we’ll wrap it all up in a red bow with a fancy ceremony, a bit of grub

and the glad rags will be out in full force. Suddenly I have a room full of award winning

suppliers and nobody is really going to question the validity or weight behind what merited

those awards. It’s actually incredibly clever when you think about it. Unfortunately these

awards are not industry-recognised awards. They do not reflect the quality or even

testimonials associated with a particular supplier. But they now find themselves in a

position where award-winning is part of their title.

Let’s talk about John the Florist for a second. John is a decent florist but has only recently

started to branch out and do weddings. John, in his personal life, happens to also be

extremely popular. He’s a Facebook fiend and has a LOT of Facebook friends he doesn’t

even know. John self-nominates himself for an award and begins to promote the particular

award category that he’s been “short-listed in”. It looks the part, sounds the part and due to

his savvy marketing skills his friends and family are voting like crazy. John wins the award

by fifty votes and is now an award winning wedding Florist in Dublin despite having only

provided flowers for a total of three weddings to date.

The point of this post is not to scaremonger. It’s not to take from other people’s success

but rather highlight the importance of research when it comes to securing and finding the

right wedding suppliers for you.

For most people a wedding is a one-time event and it deserves a level of research that

reflects this. Research the wedding suppliers in your area, ask about them, ask the venues

about them and most importantly speak to them directly. A confident and reliable wedding

supplier will take pride in answering the many number of questions you may have. They

will have nothing to hide and will welcome this kind of forum because they are passionate

about what they do. Giving their client a superior experience is their absolute priority.

When it comes to securing the best wedding suppliers the most important thing is


Award-winning can mean everything and nothing so ask a LOT of questions and

secure the supplier that will make your dream wedding a reality.