Birthday DJ Ireland

Have you ever looked back on a birthday party or event and specifically remembered a moment where “that” song came on?  Aunties and uncles joined your best friends and there was a unity of, well, craic. Age didn’t matter, getting the words of the song right didn’t matter. It was one of those special moments.  Music captures your emotions in that way.  You don’t tend to look back and remember the greasy chicken wings or the (admittedly delicious) cocktail sausages.  It’s the vibe you remember. The energy! 

Whether it’s your 21’st or your 60th music is so incredibly important.  You want to make sure that the DJ you’ve hired “gets it”.  You are celebrating X amount of years on this planet and you want the music to showcase some of the best ones that you have had so far.

Turning 40!

If you’re celebrating your fortieth this year then you were probably bopping around a nightclub to Maniac 2000 in your early twenties.   That song is an actual institution and it might just remind you of that time you met a special someone or that weekend you found yourself in a dance off with people you didn’t know.   Your memory bank has a clever way of taking you right back there and you want your big night to offer that time machine.  You might even want to recreate that dance-off!

The Big 5-0!

Similar can be said for the big 5-0.  If your 50th birthday is looming then you may have been one of the first people to hear “Snap – Rhythm Is A Dancer” on a night out.  Months, weeks and years of good times ensued.  Every single time that song was played the dance floor was littered with people absolutely losing their minds with fun.  A good DJ will create a playlist and night of music based on your taste.  You won’t be a generic group of people with a generic “one fits all” play list.

60 is the new 50!

Celebrating a 60th is a great reason to have a party.  It’s such a great opportunity to get the entire family and all your close friends in to one room.  People are really good at making the time and effort to attend a milestone birthday like this and having a good quality DJ setting the tone for the night it imperative.  Sure the venue might recommend their resident DJ but will he or she take the time to look at your crowd and play a range of music that will satisfy everyone?  Chances are there will be a whole range of ages and tastes in the room and a really good DJ will make it his or her mission to deliver the best backdrop for your special occasion.  Care and consideration will be given to ensuring that there is something for everyone and that nothing overly dominates for the night.  There is a real skill to that and it tends to result in people of all ages joining each other for a number of songs.  That’s what it’s all about – celebrating life and happiness at a pace that makes everyone feel comfortable.

Are you celebrating a milestone birthday?  I’m obsessed with making your special birthday out of this world!