When it comes to every wedding, your guests will remember some key points about your special day.

1.   The bride’s wedding dress

2.   The Meal

3.   The entertainment

So when it comes to the entertainment, picking the right band or right DJ can really make your day stand out and have your guests talking about it for days, weeks and even months afterwards. However picking the wrong band or DJ can have your guests talking for all the wrong reasons.

There are a number of things that every bride and groom can do to make your wedding day the very best day of your lives from first dance to last dance. It is a very easy process but one that everybody can learn from.

1. Research. Research. Research!

Talk to bands and DJs at weddings that you may be a guest at. Talk to your friends about the last wedding they were at and what they remember about the entertainment.

2. Time

Give yourself plenty of time to book the entertainment that you want.  Just like hotels, photographers and other industry suppliers, most great bands and DJs are booked well in advance.

3. Questions

Talk to your chosen entertainment and ask as many questions as you want. Always be sure the decision you make is the right fit for you. Never be afraid to ask for references, look online for independent reviews and try and go and see your preferred entertainer in action. Please try and see them perform at 2-3 different weddings as music choices can vary from wedding to wedding. Remember, the music played can be unique to each bride and groom and not suit your particular tastes.

4. Knowledge

Experience will shine through every time so when you talk to your preferred entertainer their knowledge will show you whether they are the right fit for your wedding day.

5. Know what you are getting

Always confirm times, music preferences and any additional services that you may require for your special day.

6. Record

Book, pay your deposit and confirm everything by email to ensure a trail in the event of a disagreement.

Although you can check all entertainers out top to bottom, don’t let your personal taste influence the night too much, Remember…

“You are paying to hire a professional to entertain your guests.”

The right performer will know what to do and when to do it, this will make your wedding night stand out, and there is no better compliment than hearing the next day “god I never danced so much”, or being asked by your friends “who played at your wedding?”.

As much as I take the chance to promote myself, I do get asked about some of the great bands that I have worked with over the years. So I would like to take this chance to tell you about the top 5 bands that I have had the chance and somewhat privilege to work with over the years.

1.   Perfect Day

2.   The Camembert Quartet

3.   MixTape

4.   Spring Break

5.   The Kaye Twins

Darragh O’Dea is the breakfast show presenter on KFM and has  25 years wedding experience djing at weddings.