When it comes to planning a wedding the 2 most important things to consider first is the date and the location for your wedding.

Sometimes the date and venue do not suit each other. Sometimes the venue you want calls out to you as being perfect for your special day and you move the date to suit.

Before you go and book the photographer, makeup, hair, DJ, and go searching for that perfect dress or suit you need to book the date and venue first.

I have had plenty of experience over the years in having the distinct privilege in playing in some lovely venues. Now I will say that my suggestions are by no means exhaustive and even sometimes I don’t think that I can’t do it justice by taking a snapshot at 5 venues around Ireland of what I consider to be perfect wedding location.

1. Bellingham Castle

Located just outside of Dundalk in Castlebellingham this exclusive wedding venue it picture perfect from the entrance to the reception room and garden area. I would 100% have this on your list of venues to look at for your 2018 wedding.

2.Tankerdstown House.

Just outside the town of Slane, County Meath. This venue opened its orangery a few years ago and caters to so many great weddings. The main reception room is perfect for small and big weddings as well as a terraced area outside and ample bar room. If you look through some of my past weddings you will see some great pictures of Tankerdstown.


As you can see there are some lovely venues in Ireland and only mentioning 2 is only giving you a brief snapshot that hopefully will help with your decision in picking the perfect venue for your wedding day. If you have a location in mind and want an honest unbiased opinion please get in touch, chances are I have been there over the last couple of years. This is just the first in so many exciting steps in the preparation of your wedding day so make it a great decision.