The Virus And Your Wedding

We are living in incredibly surreal times. Something as unprecedented as Covid-19 leaves no room for positive anecdotes and reassuring tales from the past to keep us going. The reality is that our only way to get through such an anxiety-filled time is to take each day as it comes.

Professionals are telling us that we will have to slowly live our lives alongside this virus and alter the way we experience everyday life. As we take steps to move towards our new normal it is difficult to live in the present. Thinking ahead and looking to the future is a coping mechanism in itself. In these times, however, we find comfort in the every day because that is the only place which appears to have answers. But what if the future held something incredibly positive for you until now?

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What if it was your wedding? Let’s talk about the virus and your wedding.

The word virus is not something you would have ever associated with your wedding day. Your wedding is supposed to represent something joyful. It is the ultimate life celebration. A nod to your relationship and all of the other important connections in your life. Under one roof (or the stars) celebrating the most important thing in this world – love. It is difficult to accept that a virus could possibly strip you of the positive life event that you have anticipated for so long. For many people, a wedding is something that has been envisioned since childhood. Never in your wildest dreams did you consider that something could take it away from you.

What’s worse? There is no person to direct your anger to. It’s bigger than us. You want to blame the hotel manager who cannot give you a definitive answer right now. What does he mean that he isn’t 100% sure if it will be possible to refund all of the money if you cancel? He has a business too you know. You want to scream at the wedding singer who you booked two YEARS ago because somehow you feel let down by her too. Of course, you know it’s not their fault. It’s nobodies fault. But it feels grim, bleak and the opposite of what a wedding should represent.

There is no uniform approach when it comes to how best to handle this as a business. Hotels have responded in a myriad of different ways. Some have made contact with prospective brides and grooms long before they had to decide what the best course of action was. Others have taken a less proactive approach and buried their head in the sand. There are still so many questions, uncertainties and blanks to fill in. Meanwhile, you’re floating around limbo-land suddenly dreading an event that until now was awash with excitement.

Many couples have changed their wedding plans entirely. In some cases, it is for financial reasons and for others its because they want to get married soon. While the option to postpone the date for a year or two may be available to them at the venue, they do not want to take it. They don’t want to wait two years to get married. They’re planning on emigrating or starting a family and they do not want their life to be put on hold. And so smaller modest affairs are becoming increasingly popular.

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People are scaling back their expectations, their guest list and the list of services they need to pay for. If you are planning to re-shape your wedding day it makes sense to consider a wedding DJ to look after all elements of the music. Fewer vendors mean less money spent, fewer correspondences and less work for everyone. A wedding DJ can provide music for the ceremony, the “afters” and every period before and after these elements of the wedding. Their passion is to tailor the wedding music for each individual couple. To do justice to the love they share and the vibe they want their wedding to showcase. Hiring a wedding DJ is a great way to save money if Covid-19 has affected your wedding plans. The DJ will always play ONE MORE TUNE!

There are a number of other areas that you can scale back to save money in the long run. For a smaller wedding, you might consider a buffet-style meal rather than a four-course affair. And why not look to social media to hire a videography student to capture those special scenes on the day? Ditch the special cars and enlist a friend or family member that has some nice wheels. Let’s save a few pennies and enjoy an intimate affair that celebrates love in the most important ways.

The virus won’t steal your wedding – it just needs a little re-direction. We are all in this together!